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According to data from the Sheriff’s office, reported crime in 2017 was down 5.5% from 2016 and 9.5% from 2015.  You couldn’t put your finger on some single reason for this remarkable achievement.  Several things must be in sync and performing at a high-level.  Without a doubt, front-line deputies and detectives deserve most of the credit.  But this kind of reduction in crime tells you our criminal division is doing great work, too.

Public safety is Job #1 at the D.A.’s office.  Strong, consistent, even-handed law enforcement is the spine of a healthy community.  We have a battle-proven team in place that will continue to work hard for the safety of your family and mine.


In December, 2015, an important deadline loomed.  Three years earlier, someone had fired two bullets through the front door of Judge John Tatro’s home.  Months later, we would discover the shooter was John Aston.  But at the time, all we had was the suspect’s DNA collected from an incendiary device left at the Tatro home in a subsequent incident.  With the statute of limitations set to expire, we faced a legal bar to prosecution of the shooter forever because we couldn’t identify the suspect by name at that point.

My office went to work on a solution, and found legal authority that allowed us to apply for an arrest warrant identifying the defendant by his DNA profile instead of his name.  We presented our case to Senior Judge Hal Albright, and he agreed with our analysis.  The day before the statute of limitations expired, a warrant was issued for:

JOHN DOE, an adult male with an unknown name, with a DNA profile developed utilizing the PowerPlex 16 HS amplification kit and having the following alleles: D3S1358 – 16, 18; TH01 – 9.3; D21S11 – 28, 29; D18S51 – 13, 15; Penta E – 7, 17; D5S818 -11, 12; D13S317 – 8; D7S820 – 9, 11; D16S539 – 11; CsF1PO – 10, 11; Penta D – 12, 14; Amel X, Y; vWA – 18, 19; D8S1179 – 12; TPOX – 8, 9; FGA – 20, 23

According to our experts, only one in 1.65 Quadrillion people has that DNA profile.  After John Aston was arrested, his DNA was collected and it matched the DNA profile from our warrant.


Nevada legalized recreational marijuana on January 1, 2017.  This paradigm shift creates many new challenges for law enforcement.  One inevitable consequence is that children and young adults have easier access to marijuana now than when it was illegal.  That’s concerning because our brains develop until we are 25 or so.  Regular marijuana use at a young age impairs that development and has a lifetime of consequences even if the person later quits. 

Because of this, it’s still a crime for someone under 21 to possess or use marijuana.  And it’s still a crime to provide marijuana to someone who is not of age.  Some assume this law won’t be enforced due to the legalization of marijuana for adults.  In Carson City, they couldn’t be more wrong.

I have implemented a zero-tolerance policy for criminal offenses that involve providing marijuana to someone under 21.  As long as there is reliable evidence the crime was committed, there will be no plea bargain for a defendant charged with such a crime.

I am a lifelong Nevadan and our state tradition of “live and let live” is a foundational principle of what I believe.  But I also believe a crime that inflicts harm on another is the worst kind of crime, even worse when the victim is vulnerable.  A child, teen, or impulsive young adult addicted to a substance causing a lifetime of impairment is such a vulnerable person.  An adult who chooses to feed or help create that addiction deserves a severe sanction.     

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