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Carson city district attorney

During my first term, we have strengthened our existing partnerships and built many new ones.  No partner is more critical to public safety than the Sheriff’s Office, and our connection is stronger than ever.  A prosecutor is available for consultation 24 hours a day, and I have directed my team that an officer’s request for assistance is a “drop everything else” duty.  In major cases, someone from our criminal division will be fully engaged in the investigation, watching interviews, managing search warrant applications, and helping strategic coordination.  We frequently participate in briefings and lead in-service training sessions, updating officers on developments in the law.  On occasion, we even ride along with a deputy as they are on patrol.


Numerous organizations and agencies in Carson City provide support to children and families in need.  The D.A.’s Office is a hub for many of these service providers, as we represent the community’s interest in child welfare cases and deal directly with troubled youth and their families in delinquency cases.  Buffy Okuma heads our juvenile division, and she created, developed, and led our Youth and Family Services Symposium.  The first-ever Symposium allowed all community service providers to come together and share with other providers their mission, resources, and challenges.  We then worked in partnership to discuss service gaps for youth and families in need and to develop an action plan to address those gaps. 

I routinely see police reports with familiar names, not because I remember the offender, but because I prosecuted the offender’s parents as a deputy district attorney in the early 2000’s.  Governor Sandoval recently said, “If you ever want to sit in the shade, you have to plant some trees.”  The Symposium built bridges of communication that we have never had, and began our quest to elevate this community’s service to new heights.  There will be short term benefits, but the real payoff is in the long run.  Breaking a destructive cycle in just a few families now will have positive impacts on our community for generations. 

I am so proud of my team’s commitment to vigorous engagement with events and presentations that put us in direct contact with the community we serve.  Here are just some of the events, programs, and organizations in which we have been involved during my administration:

  • National Night Out
  • Partnership Carson City
  • Leadership Carson City
  • First Judicial District Bar Association
  • Western Nevada Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • Cops & Kids Spaghetti Feed
  • Police Officer Standards and Training Academy
  • Douglas-Carson Legal Professionals
  • School District’s Reading Week
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada Luau
  • Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Kiwanis

Our signature event, “Dodge for the Cause,” was conceived by Suzanne Crawford, one of our victim/witness advocates.  2018 will be our third year, and we’re looking forward to another fun and successful outcome.  I am very grateful for our team, especially Suzanne, Frankee Haynes, and Anna Herring who put in a lot of work to make “Dodge for the Cause” come together.

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Leading the Future of Youth and Family Services

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