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* State law prohibits the acceptance of more than $5,000 during the primary election and $5,000 during the general election.

Donations may also be made directly to the campaign with your credit card. Please call the campaign at 775.224.8055 to make a direct donation with a major credit card. You may also mail a check payable to Friends of Jason Woodbury to:

Friends of Jason Woodbury
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Carson City, NV 89702

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Campaign donations are not tax deductible.

Under Nevada law, the candidate is required to report all contributions, including donor name & address, of more than $100, either singly or in aggregate over the entire campaign.

NRS 294A.100(1) provides, in part, that "A person shall not make a contribution or contributions to a candidate for any office, except a federal office, in an amount which exceeds $5,000 for the primary election or primary city election, regardless of the number of candidates for the office, and $5,000 for the general election or general city election."


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Carson city district attorney

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