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Carson city district attorney

Fiscal Responsibility

I recognize and honor the solemn duty to be a responsible steward of the taxpayers’ money.  In each of the three fiscal years completed under my administration, the D.A.’s office has come in under the budget allocated by the Board of Supervisors.  We are on track to come in under budget again for the fiscal year that will end this June.

For Fiscal Year 2016-2017, the District Attorney’s office comprised 3.7% of all General Fund expenditures.  That’s a good value in comparison to surrounding counties:
          Douglas:        5.7%
          Lyon:              5.1%
          Storey:           5.2%
          Washoe:        6.0%

With a lot of help from Emily Nunez, our Department Manager, I am continually hunting for innovative opportunities to cut costs without compromising service quality.  For instance, this year I discontinued several publication subscriptions because we found adequate substitutes online and in the Supreme Court Law Library, a few blocks from the DA’s office.  The cut results in a small inconvenience for our attorneys, but the move puts us on track to return thousands of taxpayer dollars to the General Fund. 

If Public Safety is Job #1, then Fiscal Responsibility is Job #1a.  Just like your family, the  office of the District Attorney lives within its means.